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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Potty Perfection!

About a half hour ago, Justin installed a new combo toilet seat that includes a regular-sized seat, a smaller child potty seat, and a cover[photo tbp]. We have been thinking about potty training for a few months, and I just finished perusing some literature to get some clue on different methods. We have also shown V an Elmo's Potty Training video the past two weeks as well as Once Upon A Potty [for her] just this morning. Meanwhile, we have always modeled going on the potty, how to use toilet paper to wipe, pulling up our pants, closing the lid, flushing, and washing and drying our hands.

Just five minutes ago, V says "peepee, peepee," so I ask her if she has to go and she replies "yes." We take her to the potty and within thirty seconds, she pees in the potty for the first time!!! I can hardly believe it. I have been concerned about how she would respond, if she would reject it, if she would fall in the toilet!, etc...but I should have known better than to underestimate my daughter. She has some kind of internal adjustment mechanism where she transitions into the next phase of her development seamlessly [i.e. starting solids, weaning, drinking whole milk, sleeping early, falling asleep alone, sleeping on a pillow, you name it!]

Thank you Lord for an anxiety/stress/mess free potty moment!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

working moms stand the heat

Sarah Palin is the VP on the Republican ballot, with 5 kids, the youngest several months old with Down's Syndrome. Will she be able to kick it in the White House?

Tough one. Since she is already governor and has been in public office before with her children, it seems like she will do the job that needs to be done. I don't really know what goes into being VP, but so far, it seems like not much when I look at the ones we've had!

With Clinton off the ballot, can we still have a woman in the WH? I'm not convinced as of yet. Please try to sway my vote from the Obamas! [if you can!]

Sunday, August 31, 2008

BPA Bottle Unofficial Recall

BabiesRUs is doing an unadvertised voluntary recall of BPA bottles such as Avent, Dr. Brown's, Playtex and others. They will either give store credit or exchange BPA bottle for non-BPA bottle so call your local store to check. Thanks for this tip from my friend Kristel and for other mom blogs confirming it! Go get yours!

*edit* spoke too soon! i called my local BRUS [Yonkers] and they said I can only return my bottles with proof of purchase, either by receipt, gift registry or credit card and only withing 90 days of purchase! But they also said I could contact the bottle company to claim a merchandise credit. I emailed Avent and got an email reply saying I need to call them to further discuss...

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I was chosen to be the third runner-up winner for the babytv.com Dream Big, Win Big! Contest!!!!!!! The entry was a brief write-up of my fantasy Mother's Day [to view it, click on this post's title]. I have been entering contests sporadically since becoming preggers hoping to get some necessary items [sometimes costly] and today I WON! So moms, soon-to-be moms, and friends of moms - ENTER! Because YOU CAN WIN!

I have to say I am pretty satisfied with my prize with the exception of the electric breast pump [because what mom doesn't need this?]. But who cares?! I WON!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

money well spent...on money

why are there constantly developing luxury high-rises [that no one normal can afford] and storage spaces from abandoned warehouses and lots [for stuff that people don't need and keep hidden until they die and a family member has to come and throw everything out so they don't have to keep paying the rent on *junk*], when there are still people in need of homes? so basically, nyc is a place that houses the rich and the inanimate.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

my daughter walking

sorry it's sideways! happy easter!

finally here

i decided to use this blog to record my thoughts into the indefinite future. if i have time, it will be mirrored in my wordpress acct. but for now, this is our new home! welcome.